Reedcapital invested directly or indirectly in the following companies :

Milliken France / Cordtech International

Cordtech International is a High-performance yarn and cords manufacturer for the automotive industry. Cordtech international generates more than €16 million in revenue and employs more than 70 people Acquired from Milliken Group in 2015. Divested to group Porcher Industries in 2016.

Lehmann partner

Lehmann Partner Leader is a leader in Eastern Europe Germany in the design, development, production and marketing of road diagnosis, laboratory and infrastructure analysis equipment. L&P generates more than €8 million in revenue, employs more than 120 people and has operations in Germany, poland and India.


Vectra is a Manufacturer of high-quality road inspection and road laboratory equipment with specialist expertise in road and infrastructure management.


Antea is a leader in engineering and environmental consulting specialized in full-service solutions in the fields of environment, infrastructure, urban planning and water. Antea generates more than €50 million in revenue, employs more than 400 people and has operations in France and in Africa.