Industrial private equity holding

Corporate Divestitures & Complex Situations

Reedcapital is a private investment firm focused on the acquisitions, transformation and development of corporate divestitures, carve-outs and complex situations.

Value Creation on the Long Term

Its capital base allows Reedcapital to have a clear focus on the industrial and strategic value of the enterprise, as opposed to its sole financial performance

  • Focus on the long-term corporate plan
  • Support companies with investments in organic and external growth
  • Provide operational expertise via effective transition, turnaround and growth strategies

Operational Excellence

Leveraging on the firm’s human capital, Reedcapital in-house operations team’ supports portfolio companies in their operational transformation and to acquire best-in-class practices for their strategic development (Sales, Project Management, Finance, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Logistic, Customer service…)