About Us

Invest in complex situations

Reedcapital is a privately held investment firm focused on the acquisition and optimization of corporate divestitures, carve-outs and underperforming businesses (breakeven of negative EBITDA) headquartered in Europe and operating on a global basis.

Create value through operational excellence

Reedcapital makes investments in situations where there is a measurable opportunity for operational improvement or growth potential, drawing upon the knowledge and experience of its in-house team.
Reedcapital could dedicate internal or external resources to take interim operating positions enabling the quick creation of a stand alone company and its management to focus on business continuity.

Foster entrepreneurial partnership

Reedcapital shares vision and corporate project with management teams to drive new strategy and energy into the operations. Reedcapital could review the incentivize system to share value creation among key stakeholders in the company.

Think flexible

As a privately held firm, Reedcapital has great flexibility and designs unique deal terms

  • No pre-defined transaction structures
  • No pre-defined investment timelines
  • Appropriate financial models based on the seller needs